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Wood Pecker Pete

This wood pecker has raised a family for the past 2 years outside my window. I have named him Pete.

Here’s the quilt I’m working on. In retrospect, cutting small pieces out of knit material was not a great idea; keeping straight lines is next to impossible without using interfacing. Which I didn’t. So there, that’s your lesson for the day. Don’t be dumb, don’t piece quilt with knit fabrics unless you have a lot of patience and fusible interfacing.


No excuse except lack of interest

I go through phases, apparently this blog is one of them. I haven’t stopped stitching, growing, cooking, or being dumb on camera, I’ve just stopped wanting to update the blog-o-sphere on all the things I’ve stitched, grown, cooked, and photographed. But I’m starting to feel some sort of obligation again. Maybe. Here are three images that have ruled my creative world for the past few months.

1. unknown 2. fuckyeahquilts.tumblr.com 3. unknown