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Texas Highways

there you go Brad


Wheeled Portraits

“It ain’t what they call you, its what you answer to” – W.C. Fields

Started/finished this one last night, 9:30-1, frantic stitching.

First in a series; wheels instead of faces.
I’m kind of obsessed with working in series right now: airport photos, birds, my breakfast every morning, it goes on.

Recycling Signs

100% legitimate use of my day.

Birds of a feather

Done. 50 some odd hours of work, mostly just with cutting out the feathers and stitching them on, but totally worth it. I am tempted to do some new variation with fabric feathers instead of paper…

and also, it’s snowing. For anyone that has lived in Texas for as long as I have knows how exciting this is.

There’s my van covered in snow at 6 AM. Happy birthday to me…

oh, and you should go see Fantastic Mr. Fox. My friend took me to see it last night as a belated birthday celebration (don’t even get me started on the fiasco that was the actual birthday), and I was pleasantly surprised.

Busy Fingers

finished watercolor

Baby Blanket - in progress

Finished one series for watercolor, about to start another one. Oh dear.

Baby blanket in progress for a client. It’ll have little pom poms on the corners too, yay!

I’ve been spending the afternoon perusing a bog called Making Chicken Salad. So many cute tutorials and vintage lovelies, even though I’ve got so much on my plate with school, I haven’t been able to do anything productive today, I’ve been sucked into looking at things like this:


Early Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Downgrade Attack

Little Monster

Portrait Progress

Today’s weather is fantastic! These are just a few things to see inside my house. My birthday isn’t until the end of the month, but my dear grandma already sent me a card. I love getting things in the mail. Almost as much as I love sending them.

Downgrade is busy being adorable trying to get to any potted plant she can reach. It’s starting to become tricky keeping things out of her way and safe from her inquisitive paws.

Portrait project for watercolor is coming along. I’m almost done stitching each piece, paint is soon to come. Ah, but that’s it for now. Back to work on the embroidery so I’ll have some free time tonight to work on making one of these:

DIY pom-pom wreath

And while you’re checking out this great tutorial you should look around at the rest of Bluebird Vintage’s blog,

I’ve been wasting most of this afternoon’s sunshine checking it out.

2 Down.. How many to go??

I feel comfortable posting these because I’m almost positive the two recipients won’t see them here..

prairiePrairie is the name of one of my friend’s bands, I must admit, I’ve never actually listened to them (shh..), but this image seemed appropriate for the name alone. Plus I was looking for an excuse to stitch some deer..

brothersThis piece is for a friend who is a great Muppets fan. Anyone familiar with the Muppets Great Caper would know that Fozzie Bear and Gonzo discover that they’re actually brothers. Travis I’m sure will appreciate being added to that goofy brotherhood.

Sorry the pictures aren’t the best. My camera is very particular about when it will cooperate and these were the best two shots out of over 50.. per piece..

I’ve got two more people to embroider for, the rest of the christmas present will be crocheted.. I think you’ll all agree that it’s so much more satisfying giving something that you made with your own two hands..