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Cross Stitch Screen Door

I’m working on the screen door for our tiny home. I wanted it to be eye catching but not garish. I decided to go with cross stitch. 2 out of the three panel sections will have normal mosquito screen, but one panel will be cross stitched with one of my favorite quilt patterns.

I started by tracing the design onto some butcher paper using a diamond template. I taped the screen down over it and traced the pattern using a sharpie.

I made sure to mark which spaces would be a different color so I wouldn’t get confused – because I do get confused easily when it comes to unclear patterns.

I’ve only just begun to stitch but I think it is already pretty stunning. I’m working over a metal screen and really like how the design is coming through. I can’t decide if I want to fill in the negative spaces like I had originally planned or if leaving them open will be more interesting – I’d like to see the shadows it creates playing across the floor.

What do you think? Fill it in or leave it open?


Oh Dear, Thanks One Pretty Thing

Sorry it’s been a long while since I updated. So much has been happening I can barely keep up.

A quick rundown:

One Pretty Thing featured me the other day on their Flickr Friend’s Roundup, check it out here!

Lots of great antiquing has been happening, estate sales, flea markets. I’ll post pictures later, especially of the outdoor flea market.

outdoor flea market

Vintage fabric and some beautiful yarn made of banana silk (who knew??).

banana silk

Lots of rain. 3 weeks worth. I put new fender’s on my bike, the ol’ Surly Pacer is looking very ninja like these days.

Watercolor studio has been taking up so much time. My sewing machine started smoking while working on my last project. A plush of a house, each piece has been painted and then sewn together, eventually by hand. Turned out great, my professor is using it in a small show on campus. (yay!)

plush house

Oh, and papers. A lot of papers. So close to graduating and yet so far. Really far. Like 40 hours and student teaching far. How do people do this? Working, class work, and keeping up with all of my crafting projects, too much to do. Thinking of putting the work on hold and just focusing on class and projects. I’d really like to have enough time to make things to sell instead f just for around here. Although I do love making things for the house.