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Studio Time


Until now, studio time has always been fit in around work. I have always wanted to make it my priority but have never actively created a schedule that made it so. Moving 2000 miles to satisfy a gut feeling, it only seems appropriate to finally be making what I love doing my priority.


I have been writing up workshop proposals (and so far have had every submission approved), I have been arranging my weeks so that at least 2 days a week are 9-5 studio work days, and I have been actively engaging with other artists in a variety of ways.

My workshops are geared towards younger students – starting at age 7. I want to keep working with kiddos and be able to introduce them to whole new ways of thinking and creating. One workshop is a beginner’s knitting theme. We will be making our own knitting needles and learning basic knit and purl techniques to make a small summer satchel or bracelet. The other workshop is a 2 session beginner’s shibori class – we will be using natural vegetable dyes to create silk scarf samplers. I want to teach some weaving workshops and have been playing around with building inkle looms and card weaving.

ImageMy workspace is about as fancy as a chair set up by the edge of my mattress. I use this space to eat, type, sew, watch movies, sleep, and hang out. All-in-one-in-one. But it does the job for now, especially since I’ve been focusing mostly on quilting and embroidery. Once I have a series finished I’ll post some pictures.

ImageI have been, not entirely on purpose, surrounding myself with people who are also arranging their lives to accommodate their work. Being an artist, it seems, requires a good amount of selfishness, naivety, and bullheadedness when the naivety wears away. To be willing to live like a rat and bust your butt to make rent and enough extra money to buy lumber to make stretcher frames, to put your family through all kinds of stress because they know you are living like a rat with 2 bachelor degrees, a teaching certificate, and 2 semesters of grad school under your belt. To choose to work in the dirt and to ride a bike to make ends meet instead of a Mon-Fri 9-5 job that you sleep through and hate. I need to be friends with people who are choosing to do this too; extra validation in times of self doubt, extra motivation in times of self confidence.

ImageI feel incredibly lucky to be able to even have the option to live this kind of life. I am lucky to live somewhere that I have enough job options to choose from that I can turn down a 9-5 in favor of a whenever-to-whenever. I am lucky to have good doctors that can help me be able to work and be healthy despite being diabetic and having numerous food allergies and nutrition issues. I am lucky to have the opportunity to pursue what I love, to work with people that I love, to be happy and not feel like I am wasting the chances I have been given.

Impressive Neighbor


Impressed. Just… impressed.

Keep Denton Beautiful Graden Giveaway!

Antique Lathe

Yesterday we scored an antique sears roebuck lathe for $5 at an estate sale down the street. They said it worked and we probably would have picked it up even if it didn’t – but guess what, it does.

We purchased a link belt to replace the old belt and while we’re waiting for it to arrive in the mail we’ve been using it as a drawing machine. B has always wanted to create a drawing machine and having a motor that spins was the perfect opportunity!

He taped a charcoal pencil to the motor and we fired it up.

We were a little nervous about the pencil on the paper and how hard it would hit the paper but we were pretty easy with it. It took two people to operate the project – the motor vibrates so much that I had to hold it in place while B moved the notebook.

Eventually it did break through the paper but it was exciting that it worked. There is a lot of room for experiment and it’s just like having a mechanical spyrograph.There are so many different drawing machines out there, hacked hexbugs, markers tied to tree branches, you name it.



Hay Tumblr

Grasshopper Sense Tumblr!

Yes, I finally made one. My image hoarding is being fine tuned into an easily accessible and cite-able catalog. If only I had the source information for all of my image collection… source unknown will have to suffice for those I suppose.

(The IKEA cookbook image has become a visual metaphor for how I’d like my life to be. Think on that.)


1. Dodge Necklace – Early Jewelry 2. unknown source 3. unknown source

Some things I’ve been hoarding in my image files.
I have an extensive image collection but unfortunately almost none of the sources. If you ever see one of your images or know where one of mine came from, let me know!

Tuesday Bike Night

That’s right folks, we’re making a come back. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this organization (loose, loose organization), there is a bike ride every Tuesday night in Denton. 2 years ago we were over 100 strong and then interest flagged and its dropped down to 8, on a good night. But not for long, CPR has been performed and the paramedics have arrived (where’d that analogy come from..). Check out our new blog and make sure to get yourself and your bike and your friends (and your friends’ bikes…) out and on the move!

Check out our new blog!!!! Tuesday Bike Night will ride again!

David Neale

Starting August 27th I will be learning how to work with metal. In preparation for this upcoming class I’ve been obsessing over any jewelry I find in antique stores and hoarding all of the jewelry making and metal working blogs. So far though, my favorite blog has to be that of David Neale. Prepare to nerd out on craft. I give you, The Golden Smith.

Building Craft Equipment

Building Craft Equipment: An Illustrated Guide has me running around like a nut ball trying to decide what I should build first and where I’ll put it when its done. Space is certainly getting tight around here, but even so, I think this will have to happen.

Right now I’m working my way through my first pieced quilt. It’s made from old t-shirts following the Star Quilt pattern and idea by Alabama Chanin. I still haven’t decided which side I like more, but as it will be a birthday present for a friend, I think I’ll let them pick before I put on the backing.

I never realized how much time it takes to sew all of these little bits by hand… sheesh..

No excuse except lack of interest

I go through phases, apparently this blog is one of them. I haven’t stopped stitching, growing, cooking, or being dumb on camera, I’ve just stopped wanting to update the blog-o-sphere on all the things I’ve stitched, grown, cooked, and photographed. But I’m starting to feel some sort of obligation again. Maybe. Here are three images that have ruled my creative world for the past few months.

1. unknown 2. 3. unknown