Winter Is Coming

ImageFrom left to right: Pesto, garlic-jalapeno carrots, pickled shallots, pickled garlic, sourdough starter, orange oil (not for eating but for cleaning), apple vinegar, and kombucha.

ImageFrom left to right: Kombucha. Lots of it.

I have started in on my goal of preserving the bulk of my food for the winter. This includes anything besides water that I want to drink. I’ll be buying flour, sugar, rice, and most of my spices, but the idea is for everything else to come from my own stores. This little row is just a small sample of what my ‘fermenting shelf’ is now holding. I keep being told that working on (3!) a farm will eventually break me of my constant search for food and eliminate the urge to glean and forage – so far these feelings have only intensified. Having very little income, a whole slew of food allergies and intolerance, and a life long love of foraging and cooking makes me believe that I’ll never grow out of it. I promise to post as much about each individual project as I can, but for now, pictures of pretty bottles and jars!

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