Dairy Free Isn’t So Bad

ImageFirst, admire the extent of my kitchen counter space.

Second, while I do still shed an occasional tear when I pass the cheese counter or see another ‘THE BEST EVER’ grilled cheese recipe on pinterest, it really hasn’t been hard to lose it. I haven’t gone in for the cheese substitutes either. I did try a bag of Daiya, and it isn’t a bad product at all, it’s just not cheese. My pizzas will just look a little naked from now on.

I’ve had a lot of time off and have taken advantage of it to experiment in the kitchen with my new diet and have been very happy with the results and look forward to more play. I can still cook with eggs  and honey and thankfully gluten is still on the table, but unfermented soy (and even fermented in very limited amounts), all things dairy, and meat are off the grocery list. Right now I’m addicted to oatmeal and have been adding every kind of nut and dried fruit stashed in my pantry to see how they’ll cook up. Dried strawberries have been my favorite because my oats turned light pink, tickled me. And also spring rolls. Cabbage and carrots, even the organic ones from our local farms, are two of the cheapest vegetables you can get in the winter. So what if my spring rolls only have cabbage and carrots (and lots of garlic and spices and occasionally some leftover basil that has been in the freezer), they’re delicious and are about 5 cents each. Win, win. 

I’ve been keeping a notebook of all of my tested recipes and will start scanning in the recipes with images of the food (the successes and the failed attempts, for reference). If anyone has some good suggestions for test-recipes, I’d be happy to try them out!





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