Getting Rid Of Things


I have a lot of things, I always have. Potted plants and art supplies always seemed to fill the gaps created by social anxieties and awkwardness. I feel like for this process to continue to be healthy and forward moving the way I want it to be, I need to not have these things. I’d like to shed it all but am too frugal/self-preserving to have to buy dishes and towels and silverware again. I’m happy that I’m attached to people instead of these objects. I’m happy that I’m finally ready to stand on my own without worrying about being exposed and not having anything to retreat behind. I’m trying to strike a balance between what I need, what I want, and what I want to need. Goodbye to most of my books, the mismatched dishes, the towels that have seen the studio too many times. Goodbye to all of those terra cotta pots full of frozen plants. Hello, whatever can fit into the back of my van, we’re not in this together, but you’re coming along.


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