Eggs are dairy

Today at work while discussing my new dairy allergy (oh yeah, I’m allergic to dairy now. What’s up with that?) with a coworker, another individual joined in our conversation and informed us that eggs are dairy. I was so thrown off by this that I googled this misconception once I got home – LOTS OF PEOPLE THINK THIS! How far removed do people have to be from their food source to genuinely believe that eggs are a dairy product? I even explained that eggs come from chicken’s behinds and milk comes from the mammary glands of mammals. Still, ‘Eggs are dairy! that’s why vegans can’t eat them!’ Another coworker informed me that eggs are listed under dairy for school nutrition. Does anyone know if this is true? Are we further confusing the youngsters we are supposed to be educating?


8 responses to “Eggs are dairy

  1. I’ve never actually been under the impression that eggs are dairy because I’m not…(I can’t think of a politically correct word to put here), but now that you mention it, I do recall seeing eggs pictured with milk, cheese, and butter and listed in the dairy part of the nutrition pyramid (load of garbage) when I was in school.

  2. “Today at work while discussing my new diary allergy ” spell check police! (diary)

  3. They are classified the same because they’re animal byproducts that is all.

    • I understand where the misconception comes from but what surprises me is that many adults and students don’t actually know that they are at all different.

      • ok i see what your getting at and i guess that’s the benefit of growing up on a farm and seeing how things are made. Inner city kids just aren’t exposed to that stuff.

      • exactly! Not only is it beneficial for them to know where there food comes from but it is exciting and fun for them. Generally enriching. The school district I work in is a fairly rural town and many of my students come from ranching families and are still unaware of where their food comes from and anything about general nutrition.

  4. They are classified the same cause they are animal byproducts.

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