“Are those… potatoes?”

Every now and then I have the opportunity to see myself through the eyes of someone else. Today while attending an outdoor education workshop, one of the other teachers had a chance to see the interior of my van and skeptically asked, “are those potatoes??” oh. yeah. Those are sweet potatoes, they’re curing in my van because I don’t have a garage. That pile? Those are the parts to a 4 harness loom I’m taking to a farming friend. Earlier this week there was a toad in the front seat. You sure you don’t want to carpool?


3 responses to ““Are those… potatoes?”

  1. Love this. This is a snapshot of a life where you’ve got lot’s of what we affectionately call “projects”

    • Haha, yes. Somehow they didn’t even notice the 5 ft tall burr oak seedling leaning out of the middle seats. I feel like I’d be letting myself down if there weren’t “projects” hanging around everywhere.

  2. I love this! Sounds exactly like my family when I was growing up. I’d carpool with you and your toad! Haha. 🙂

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