Laundry in the bath tub – what of it?

We no longer have a washer and dryer.The dryer isn’t such a big loss since I never really used it anyways but the washer is something I miss. There is a fancy laundromat here but sheesh, (and I understand the irony that will follow) I am too lazy to carry the laundry that far. So instead I wash by hand in the bathtub.

I tried using one of those hand cranked washers but it was a pain and not worth it. I’m sure if you were washing diapers and socks then it’d be all you need but washing one pair of pants took way too much effort. The Breathing Hand Washer from Lehman’s and some Dr. Bronner’s is surprisingly effective and not nearly as strenuous as would be expected. Awesome. And I don’t have to walk to the laundromat or keep track of loose quarters.


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