Thoughts on Food..

I have them all the time. Literally.

What is that statistic about how often men think about sex? I think about food probably twice that often. Where it comes from, where its going, what I can cook with it – these three main topics in a constant cycle. I like to think this is normal.

It surprises me how little other people think about food. Completely ignoring that we would die without it, food really is the most important thing in our lives. Our economy, our planet, our livelihood and wellness all revolve around food in some way or other. If thinking about how many different kinds of soups you can make with the surplus of broccoli and winter squash available at the market isn’t your game, at least take a moment to consider how fuel costs and food prices are related, or how much the average person spends on fast food instead of real food and how our health and wallets have been affected.

I’ve been working with my high school cooking students on planning a weekly budget and menu. I grow discouraged when I try and get across the concept of artificially low food costs and the sharp decrease in nutritional value of conventional versus organic produce. But then I have to kick myself for completely brushing past my students all declaring their distrust of fast food and how it is “so damn nasty!” (teenage boys..). Even though I know they still eat breakfast burritos from the local Johnny Jo’s gas station  it is encouraging to hear them list the reasons that fast food is bad. They are the Super-Size me generation and I’m trying to push them one step further. We’ll get there, it may just take a little longer than I’d expected. And some sneaky recipes like “zucchini chocolate chip cookies” and “cauliflower pancakes” will help convince them that vegetables aren’t gross.


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