Sudden Shifts

I’ll write more when I have time – our lives have taken a sudden shift in the opposite direction of where we intended. I had to leave my garden, we’re in an apartment, and we sold our tiny house trailer. We’re not in a bad place, just a very different place.

I’ve got a  garden at the school I’m interning at (where I’m also working with the science class, outdoor education, and cooking class) and we’ve stored the bulk of our building materials at a friends.  Because of the price of our new living situation we won’t be able to save money like we were before but it is still going to be a good exercise in general frugality. Plus, in the process of moving we have jettisoned over half of our belongings (mostly the things I have accumulated over the past 5 years without any real reason) and have made a (loose) pact to not bring anything new into the apartment unless it is food or toiletries.

The past month has been one of those months that you feel like you’re lucky to survive (mentally and physically) while its happening and can look back on years from now and pretend to laugh at while you hide that it still gives you goosebumps. But it’s done. I can’t say yet that it has made us stronger; just more wary. The series of events that led up to our sudden move made us both bitter and sad. I began feeling like I couldn’t trust anyone. There are still pockets of unease that only time will work to relieve. But the immediate response of our friends, family, and even a few strangers to give up their time to help us out was a great reminder of why it is so counterproductive to be jaded and distrustful. They were a reminder of how even though there are plenty of people who just seem to be genuinely awful, there are also plenty of people who are selfless and kind, and just want to make life enjoyable for everyone.

We are in a place we hadn’t expected to be but it isn’t a bad thing. It is just a new opportunity to work on ourselves and with others. It is an opportunity to be incredibly grateful for those that have helped us, and to learn how to not get so mad at people who we feel are hindering us.


One response to “Sudden Shifts

  1. Life is what happens while we are planning what we want to do…sometimes it is the unexpected bumps in the road that turn out to be the very thing we needed but didn’t know…and sometimes they just suck. Hope your shifts work out for the best, our good wishes are sent your way.

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