Removing Scews and Nails

Removing rusted nails and bent screws goes hand in hand with salvaging free lumber. Very rarely does free lumber come without something pointy sticking out of it.
Crowbars, screw drivers, hammers, and saws are all involved in free lumber.
We have accumulated many pounds of rusty bent nails.

Sometimes you luck out and the hardware you remove can be reused. The screws that came out of these 1x3s are all brand new and in great shape. We ended up with about 3 lbs of screws. This load of lumber was pulled from a dumpster on the university campus – I felt more than justified taking this brand new lumber from the dumpster. After all of the unnecessary fees I paid to that school it was nice to get a little bit of it back through a van-load of wood and screws.

This pile used to be an old garage – it was not only full of nails and screws but also yellow jackets.

We took the panels that used to be the roof – their tar paper is salvageable and the planks are 1×12 tongue in groove red cedar. Sometimes when we find wood we aren’t immediately sure what it will be used for but know that it will definitely have a place in our house either as a shelf, framing, flooring, or counter top.

2 responses to “Removing Scews and Nails

  1. Might there be a way to utilize that bucket of rusting screws as iron supplement for your garden? My grandpa used to throw a coffee can full of old nails and screws in the hole when planting a tree as long term iron source.

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