In the pursuit of free 2x4s

Craigslist Free listings – one of the best things happening on the internet.

“16 foot 2×4 pallets – good shape. Need to be gone by Friday.”

Somehow, the 16′ part of that sentence just didn’t register in either of our minds as we drove out to Carrollton to collect some free wood. A 16′ pallet will not fit in my van. Did we decide to leave the pallets there and go home? No. We went to Home Depot.

We bought a saw.
We went back and got to work. We took turns sawing those pallets in half as fast as we could – the listing on Craigslist had already attracted other free-seekers so we had no time to dilly dally.
These guys took all of the pallets that weren’t constructed of 2x4s, I think we looked a little desperate squatting over our pallets with our saw and hammers.

We managed to get almost all of the pallets, plus a composite board table top crammed into the van. My love for that van is constantly being reinforced. There was something we wanted that we couldn’t fit in the van – two completely framed out walls sitting out by the dumpster.

Who knew.

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