Our Tiny House

If it seems like forever since I last wrote anything, it’s because it has been forever since I last wrote anything. B and I have taken the first major step towards building our tiny home. Oh yeah, we’re building a tiny home. We borrowed our friend’s truck and drove out to Rice, TX to purchase our 6’x18′ trailer from property manager and independent business man Larry Wright. The ride home was nerve wracking – no tail lights, an expired license, and only one chain for back up if the hitch came loose. Not to mention that all of our talk about having a tiny house, finding some land, and living the life we’ve always dreamed about had finally turned into a reality. We are building our first house. On a trailer.


2 responses to “Our Tiny House

  1. Congrads on the beginning…

  2. Looks like we are starting our tiny homes at the same time. I’ll make sure to follow your progress. Best of luck!!
    Tyler. C

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