Splitting Pears

House Sitting Nightmare #2: strolling down the street to check on the chickens to make sure no one else has decided to quit walking and see a large fallen tree in the distance. A few more yards and I realize that tree belongs to the house I’m taking care of. At 6 in the morning I chose to walk right past the tree to the backyard and not acknowledge its existence. I would ignore that it was blocking the sidewalk and half of the street.

Fresh pear wood has such a distinctly pleasant smell; the scorching summer heat worked on all of that sap so much that it felt like I was trying to breathe pear syrup instead of air. I managed to ignore the tree’s presence until about 1 in the afternoon. By that time a friend of the home owner’s had come to the rescue with a brand new chainsaw and was so excited to use it for the first time, who was I to argue?

The tree was gradually broken down; it took only 3 hours of sawing and hauling to get the whole thing out of the street and the sidewalk. The homeowners, my friends, worked on the big pile when they arrived home and now there is almost no sign of the split trunk. There were a lot of nice logs that I’m hoping will dry out nicely for lathe and other carving projects. I’m not an especially confident wood worker and think that starting out with softer woods will be the way to go. If I’m wrong, please let me know. If I’m not, I’d love some project suggestions. All in all, the nightmare turned out to be not so bad, but definitely something I hope to not have to deal with again anytime soon.


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