Introducing more sunlight to the garden

There has been a dead tree in the corner of my garden that has been making me, the fence, and the neighbors nervous for awhile. The only ones who seem to enjoy it are the wood peckers, who I do apologize to in advance. So the time came for some professional removal.

A local business came out and did a bang-up job getting that tree out quickly and managing to avoid all of the booby traps in my garden. I’ve watched them do work on a neighbor’s tree (an adventure I’ll tell you about another time) and was impressed.

For the main trunk, it was a pretty low-tech affair. One man pulls on a rope tied to the top of the tree while another man chain saws away at the base and then boom! it’s down on the ground and they’re cutting it into nice 36″ tall stump sections for my rain barrels to sit up on. This part seemed simple enough but I didn’t want to be the one up in the branches of the tree tied to a rope hoping no branches would break beneath my weight.



This picture just reminds me of the ugliness of a mid-summer  water conservative Texas garden. Blurg. Having a dead lawn mower, broken solar lanterns, and a bunch of plastic pots doesn’t help either. But now there is a big window for light that previously meant my whole garden barely got the minimum amount of sun for full-sun requirements. They left behind the stump in the ground, it is high enough that I’m thinking it would make a pretty nice little bird bath. Or a throne. A garden throne.


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