Fall Seedlings

fall seedlings have been started! There is purple broccoli, veronica broccoli, wilhyte broccoli (I think I may have a thing for broccoli), amish paste tomatoes, bloomsdale longstanding spinach, spaghetti squash, purple basil, big leaf basil, romaine, loose leaf, a few kinds of carrots, beets, and onions.

they’re sprouting!

I really love the texture of these paper pots as they decay. Their colors and frayed edges are similar to what I’m going for in my painted warp weaving.


3 responses to “Fall Seedlings

  1. Very nice! I was just thinking the other day about starting some seeds for fall…probably just lettuce and carrots as I live in an apartment and have only a balcony to grow on. Looks like it’s about time to start then!

    • It’s definitely time. It always seems wrong to be starting seeds when it is 106 degrees outside and hasn’t rained in a month but it works out every year.
      Have you grown radishes? They would probably make a great addition to your balcony grown salad

      • I have not grown radishes…maybe I will give those a try too if I can find the room! I think I am worried about starting lettuce seeds when its still so hot…I’m worried it’ll be hot for another month or two here still.

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