Very little effort grey water

Here is my super simple grey water system. A trash can and a watering can.

The drainage hose from the washer just goes straight into the trash can. The can usually fills up with two loads of laundry and gets distributed to the shrubs and plant life in the front of the house. I had aspirations of hooking up a hose to the base of the can and letting it be a soaker hose system out front but eh, no big deal. It gets the job done.

I used the Ecos brand laundry detergent, surprisingly available at our local Kroger. I did a lot of reading about the safety issues concerning grey water as far as bacteria and potential chemicals from detergents and am pretty satisfied with my choices. I wish I had a system to use it on the vegetables but don’t trust the safety of the water. I’d love to have a more intensive system in place, provide water for a cutting/dye garden.


4 responses to “Very little effort grey water

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Exactly the kind of simple solutions that make positive change easier, if you ask me.

  2. Good Job! I too am a firm believer in doing what you can, if it’s right for you it’s right.

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  4. Every little bit does help! The only draw back to this system is if you let it sit for a few days without draining, the water gets a film and a less than pleasant odor. Otherwise, it’s pretty great!

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