Cabbage Loopers and Predatory Wasps

This is what happens to kale when you don’t keep the cabbage loopers at bay. Specifically for my garden the Small White or Pieris rapae. This little white butterfly can produce enough eggs and caterpillars to destroy my broccoli harvest.
Here is a small white butterfly looking incredibly innocent on a marigold. I want the flowers in my garden to attract pollinators, which the white butterfly unintentionally is, but I hate that those little white guys love my garden.
I’m not sure what species of wasp this is but it has been helping my garden immensely. I watched one of these guys munch d0wn a couple cabbage looper caterpillars. Unfortunately they also consumed almost the entire population of swallowtail caterpillars. I managed to save one because it was on some parsley I brought inside for the windowsill but the rest went the way of the cabbage loopers.
I was a little sad to see that there wouldn’t be the big flock of butterflies I was hoping for but I guess it’s OK so long as the cabbage caterpillars were taken care of too.


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