Update: Cats still don’t like baths

We had a super mild winter, barely any below freezing days. Because of that we’ve had a huge influx of insects, especially the biting kind. We recently had a notice that there have been cases of West Nile found in our area so they’ve been going around spraying for mosquitoes. I love it when they advise you that the insecticide is safe but to keep your children indoors for 24 hours and roll your car windows up if you see them driving by.
Along with the mosquitoes there has been a lot of fleas and chiggers around. Almost every other week I have to treat the cats for fleas. They don’t even get to go out in the yard and the fleas are still finding them. I’ve been giving them a bath using Dawn soap and it helps a lot. Treating the yard with sulfur has also helped, with the fleas and with the chiggers. There has been a notable decline of chiggers but I’m still finding the occasional flea, which means there are millions of fleas I haven’t found.

Have any of you been experiencing the big bug boom?

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