Antique Lathe

Yesterday we scored an antique sears roebuck lathe for $5 at an estate sale down the street. They said it worked and we probably would have picked it up even if it didn’t – but guess what, it does.

We purchased a link belt to replace the old belt and while we’re waiting for it to arrive in the mail we’ve been using it as a drawing machine. B has always wanted to create a drawing machine and having a motor that spins was the perfect opportunity!

He taped a charcoal pencil to the motor and we fired it up.

We were a little nervous about the pencil on the paper and how hard it would hit the paper but we were pretty easy with it. It took two people to operate the project – the motor vibrates so much that I had to hold it in place while B moved the notebook.

Eventually it did break through the paper but it was exciting that it worked. There is a lot of room for experiment and it’s just like having a mechanical spyrograph.There are so many different drawing machines out there, hacked hexbugs, markers tied to tree branches, you name it.




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