Summer heat and the dogs

The summer heat is taking its toll. The plants are well watered thanks to my grey water system but during the heat of the day they wilt and sag no matter what. I use the bricks as a pathway after I learned that the chiggers who are so prolific in our yard will not tolerate a surface warmer than 90 degrees F. The bricks and stones could be used to cook an egg, so no chigger will ever bother you if you stay on the paths.

The dogs don’t get to spend too much time outside during the summer. Otis is a big baby who has gotten very used to having AC and Jake will get sun burnt after an hour of outside play. There is plenty of shade and big bowls of cold water for them strategically placed but they know that they don’t have to stay outside and know what comforts await them inside. They’ve developed some bad habits like wimpering at the door, scratching, crushing my plants to look through the window, and jumping on you.

On more than one occasion my flower pots have become casualties to their jumping. They’re big dogs and can cause a lot of damage, unintentionally of course, when they get riled up. They are definitely big sweet hearts but man, when I discover a newly shattered pot or a trampled tomato plant it is really hard to accept their innocence and big puppy dog eyes.

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