Spring and Summer Blooms

Pincushion flower

I have been using grey water from the washing machine and it has made a huge difference in my garden. It is a little bit of a pain because the set up is awkward but with two loads of laundry I have 32 gallons of water to use on my plants but don’t have  to pay for extra water. It has also been unusually wet this past couple of week so there’s been no shortage of water for my thirsty plants.

Tickseed Coreopsis

I’ve been putting in more and more ornamentals and flowering fruits and vegetables. Besides the benefits of attracting pollinators, hummingbirds, and deterring other insects, I love having all of the color and being able to bring cut flowers into the house.

dwarf pomegranite

My friend Denise and I were able to pick up two dwarf pomegranates  as a buy one get one free deal – I’ve always wanted a pomegranate and this will be the first year to have one in my garden. I also purchased an olive tree at the same time but it won’t be delivered until at least November. I really can’t wait for it to get here!

dusty miller

ever present tomato blossoms

This is one of the many tomatoes around the garden – it is a variety called homesteader that I picked up at the Red Bud Festival in Denton. It has been surprisingly productive and is over 5 feet tall, definitely a good purchase. I’ve started cuttings from the most productive tomatoes so far for the fall garden and am excited about having a pantry full of tomato paste and sauce and salsa!


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