On Chicken Coops

This is my friend’s chicken coop, he never ended up with chickens but the coop is a fine example. I like how high up the coop is, I imagine it would make scooping out dirty litter and collecting eggs easy on the back.

The inside of the coop has an interesting ramp – I haven’t seen many ramps on the inside of a coop for roosting. The general advise I’ve been given is to use natural branches for a roost, the different widths and the texture is easier on their feet than using a dowel rod and they like to have good air circulation so a platform isn’t idea.

His coop has a chicken draw bridge, it wasn’t quite long enough to work but was on the road to being adjusted. I really like the big window, there is a habitat for humanity resale store that always has a lot of windows for sale. Putting in a chicken wire screen and a layer of mosquito netting will make the summer so much more pleasant.

One entire side is a door, along with the height it would make cleaning very easy, allowing for easy open access.

I’ve been drawing up plans for my own coop and scoping out the different construction site dumpsters around town for supplies. We are definitely a frugal family and really love to reuse found materials.

These are the materials left over from building the fence. I’ve found a number of 6×6 timbers in a dumpster and some plywood sheets and tar paper in another. I’ve got a lot of high hopes for my coop and can’t wait  to begin. Starting grad school over the summer has put a major crunch on how often I can work on outside projects. I have planned it out and will scan those plans in and hopefully be able to include photos of the construction process along with them!

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