Growing Potatoes

This spring I grew my own set of seed potatoes for an organic fall crop. I started out with Yukon Gold and some Russets. The Russets didn’t do very well, they fell victim to dog pee and some voracious slugs. The Yukons did OK but I think the soil was too dense for a good harvest. I did get enough good potatoes for seeds for the fall.

There was a lot of good leafy growth but less than 2lbs per plant.

I’m going to try a potato tower this season –  I was given a couple of old trash cans by a friend and plan on using them for the towers. I’m going to use straw in one tower, loose sandy compost in another, and dried out grass clippings for the third. I’ve heard good things about all of these as material for growing potatoes in and I’d like to see which one works best. This last harvest I used long straw – I believe it was too dense and became too matted for much growth and held too much water (there was sporadic mushroom growth around the base of one of the potatoes before it died). There are many great videos and online tutorials available – I like this one in particular.

I’ll be sure to keep an update of how the potatoes go and put up pictures of how I convert my own trash cans.


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