A Picket Fence

A few weekends ago, B and I decided to build a picket fence around the garden.  The entire fence cost me about 23 dollars – for the paint and hinges for the gate. We reused old fence panels, various found screws and hardware, and an old bag of cement that had been in the shed. Overall we’re pretty pleased with how it turned out.


We used the #3 tubs as saw horses and accidentally cut through the side of one of them – the circular saw is surprisingly effective we’ve discovered.

ImageB had a good time with the rubber mallet knocking out every other fence panel. The fence hadn’t been treated for a number of years – the wood had sufficiently softened up and the nails had started to loose their grip so the panels came free pretty easily.

ImageWe used longer boards to create a cap rail on the fence. Hopefully the cap rail will also help keep the panel from warping over time. Plus, if you grew up watching Tim the Tool Man Taylor like we did, having a fence you can lean on is kind of life affirming.

ImageWe got the fence panels into their holes and poured the concrete. Each panel was painted looks great. The gates were made from old wooden window frames with chicken wire stretched and stapled to the back.

Eventually there will be a second fence put up running down the center of the garden to separate the chicken side from the vegetable side but that won’t be for another month or two and will honestly just be chicken wire on rebar posts. I want to be able to expand or shrink the size of the chicken pen according to the garden’s needs so putting in a more permanent wooden structure wouldn’t be as accommodating.


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