selflesh in the mail!

from the Illuminated Series
Archival Print 5×7

I’m sure you all have artists whose work you secretly covet and hope to be able to one day buy. I have quite a few of them, but the work of selflesh has been on my mind lately. Her use of line immediately appeals to the graphic nerd in me, and as someone who is fascinated by travel the repeated map motif is even more exciting. Simple but powerful is the name of the game.

Well, through the wonders of giveaways and facebook (selflesh’s facebook page by the way) I am now the proud owner of one of these great prints, or I will be as soon as it comes in the mail. selflesh periodically hosts giveaways of this kind, I doubt I’ll be this lucky again, so you should definitely be on the lookout for your chance to win. And if you’re not that patient, her prints are available through her etsy page and are all very reasonably priced.

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