Finally, I mailed the letters. 8 envelopes have been stamped and sent off to 3 different states.

This idea was conceived at a merch table while listening to a FishBoy! show during NX35.

Everyone knows the basics of chain-mail: each person sends one thing around the circle, adding something or whatever, until it eventually reaches the original owner. The sewing taking on it involves an item of some sort (shirt, skirt, scarf, scrap fabric) being mailed around and added to/altered/embroidered/bedazzled/made into something entirely unrecognizable. And the general joy of getting mail, especially packages,  from a friend and not knowing what kind of surprise waits inside.

If you want to join in, the more the merrier, just leave a comment here.

Mailboxes beware!

ps.Like my new little stamp? I think he’ll be my logo from now on.


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