Lauren McEntire

Can Pop Sensibility Save Us? 2007 34” x 55”

Distant Proximity, 2005, 1.5′ x 4′

“I became interested in working with these materials — knitting, sewing, embroidery — because the physical processes inherent in the repetitive handwork were more satisfying on both a ritualistic and symbolic level. Not only did I find them more immediately comfortable in both an aesthetic and medative sense, I also felt they connected me to the long history of women’s art that (ancient and medieval) women were “allowed” to study and practice, and to second wave feminist artists’ attempt to reinvestigate these traditions as capable of producing meaningful art.”

-excerpt from Lauren’s artist statement

I’ve fallen in love with the simplicity of Lauren’s work; traditional embroidered images and techniques combined with contemporary concepts are immediately engaging. The pieces draw you in with the sense of familiar comfort of your grandmothers quilts and keep your attention when you notice the unusual materials and forms. I am completely head over heels for her work, and you should take a look too. Lauren McEntire, new favorite fibers artist.

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