Dirty Dozen – cuter than ever before

I don’t know if any of you (haha, get it, thats a joke, there is no one that reads this) know how much I love the work of Heidi Kenney. It’s no real secret, I fall head over heals for practically everything that flows from that woman’s hands.

Tightening up the budget so as to afford .. well.. life, I’ve become much more discriminate with my grocery purchases. Living off 20 dollars a month for food is easy to do, but someone (Adam…) got the organic-bug up my butt and now I feel compelled to “eat healthy! buy local!” (On a side not, those words along with “live green!” are getting to be some of my least favorite).

Rounding off this half awake little morning schpeil, Mrs. Kenney has recently made a cheat sheet, using little sad fruits and veggies cut from paper of course (and happy fruits and veggies for the safe foods), for what is most important to buy organic. She has put it out there with the understanding that it is only to be used for grocery shopping. Not other projects or for recreating for sale. So there. It’s adorable, the grapes are sad, and you can download the file from here.


2 responses to “Dirty Dozen – cuter than ever before

  1. I only instigated the organic milk!

  2. you instigated all of it and then backed off to only organic milk, fibber

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