Trinity Bicycles: You Rock

Last nights Lonestar Goldsprints were an absolute blast. People started trickling in at 6 and by 7 there was an absolute flood. The space looks great, old walls left intact with flaking paint on one side and beautiful smooth white on the other for projecting movies. Racing didn’t start until around 7 but until then everybody had a great time with the four kegs and spring rolls from Papa Changs. (oh I love you, CB). Then the racing started. Bernie vs. Bryan; Owner vs. Employee of the Month. Congratulations to last nights winners Michelle and Baggins. The 200+/- people who came in and out of the shop last night definitely yelled and cheered enough.

(that’s me in the skirt, that is a large glass full of some sort of liquid that makes me into a regular social butterfly).

We were in the shop until probably 3? Dumpster dove (by that I mean my friend J dumpster dove and I sat in the car while it rained) for some what turned out to be nasty chocolate pizza. Sat on the porch of the new FTW house and swung in a hammock while talking nonsense and occasionally falling asleep. I feel like this blog entry is just kind of rambling and the only winning points are the pictures, taken by Kevin Buchanan of FTW. So I’m just going to stop typing. I’m sleepy. oh hey, and I love you.


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