Korea, Japan, Paris, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, India, Morocco, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Togo, and every country in South America except Paraguay – from 1954 to 2006 this was the list of places Sheila Hicks has sat down and worked. She’s probably off in some other great country right now doing even more amazing things.

6 month bike tour through Europe – two of my friends are going on another all out odessey starting Tuesday.

In June another friend is leaving for NYC, others are following in July. (What I wouldn’t give to afford a trip to New Jersey and take lessons from Nicole of astulabee)

2 more years in Firebase: Termite Gaza (the new name for my apartment complex, which has caught fire on more than one occasion and has more termites than american apparel has mesh body suits) then I’m leaving. It’s weird that I’ve spent the past 3 years surround myself with couches and potted plants and an absurd amount of clocks and now all I want is to leave it all behind. Not that I haven’t really enjoyed arranging and rearranging this small space to feel more and more like a home, but what’s home when there’s no one left here to enjoy it with? It’s time to get out and do things, learn things, be the one that leaves for a change.


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