Edible Arrangements

Thank you for introducing me to strawberries, even if they are coated in a thick layer of chocolate and kind of look like manparts. (I know it’s weird I’ve never eaten a strawberry before but it’s true. Certain food textures really freak me out and I had assumed strawberries would be one of them). A has a job doing deliviries for the holiday season with them and someone wasn’t available to recieve a basket, so, being the gift giving man he is, I now have a basket full of flower shaped fruit shoved into my fridge. Which brings me to my main point: is it sad that I’m too lazy to take the fruit bits off their little spikes and put them into a much more reasonable container? especially since I had to forcibly shove the basket into the fridge to get the door to shut? I don’t think so, but I’d like your opinion.


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