Where’s the sun?

Oh I miss it so. The winter doldrums are really getting to me. I’ve made gloves and scarves and I’ve got a space heater at my feet and I’m sitting on a heating pad. There’s been a huge lack of bike riding and sun and warmth in my life lately. Except where food is concerened. My fellow weather-grumpy bike rider has joined me for a delicious pot roast, which is a miracle considering the fiasco that was the production (has anyone else ever had a dutch oven explode?). So, problem solver me: roasting pan on two burners. Awesome. With some thick slices of rye bread to sop up the delicious juices. Also the beautiful little photograph over my night stand was taken by this talented boy. Apparently today is just my day to promote my friends. But that’s ok. Hopefully it’ll be reciprocated (nudge).

One response to “Where’s the sun?

  1. thanks for the pot roast.

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