Bugged and Drugged

I hate allergies so much. My nose hasn’t stopped running for a solid week now. I have vaccumed and dusted and the air purifier is going full blast but the sneezes and boogers just don’t stop. Last night there was benadryl involved and I slept for 14 hours, waking up at 11 wondering what had happened. On top of the constant nose flow the apartment has become infested with fungus gnats, so yesterday, in between sneezes, I gathered all of the potted plants and gave them a good soil drench of orange oil, in 3 days there will be another drenching and then hopefully the end of these gnats. There was also the discovery of scale on my baby lemon tree! If anyone knows any  better way of getting rid of them than going along and picking them off, please tell me.

Now that I’ve complained enough… I have managed to be somewhat productive over the last couple of days. I made this little letter pouch for A to keep things in. It was my first time sewing in a zipper and there were many redos, but eventually it all worked out.

Soil Drench with Orange Oil per Calloway’s man’s instructions:

Mix 4 oz orange oil (1/2 cup) with 1 gallon water. Working over a bathtub, a sink, or outdoors, soak every potted plant with this solution (I ended up using 3 gallons because I have too many plants). After about 15 minutes, go back through and drench again using clean water. Repeat this process every 3 days until the gnats disappear. (Gnats have a 3 day lifespan)


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