And Katy Gets a Hot Glue Gun..

So, it’s true. I purchased my first hot glue gun the other weekend. I am madly in love. Who cares if my fingers are a little burnt and my house smells like burning plastic, but oh man, who knew this would be so much fun? The first thing I hot glued was this great christmas wreath. In previous years I’ve been a bit of a Scrooge, but for whatever reason this year I just can’t get enough Christmas cheer. From singing Rudolph in the shower to having 3 Christmas trees (4 if you count the lemon tree..), my small apartment is decked out. But yes, the wreath.

This took me about 3 hours, but that included a lot of trial and error for the tree making and wreath wrapping..

You’ll need:

– 1 grapevine wreath (I’m sure foam would work just as well, but the grapevine was cheaper)

-felt cut into strips, about 3 yards

-about a square foot of white felt

-one skien of red, green, and white yarn (the red you’ll need the most of, the green and white only a little bit)

-crochet hook

– cardboard paper tubes



Step 1:

Start out by wrapping the wreath in the strips of white felt, this makes it easier to wrap the yarn and less chance of the grapevine flaking off. Both the felt and the yarn are easily secured by a big hot blob of hot glue. When wrapping the yarn, keep in mind that to keep white from showing you’ll have to overlap somewhat on the inner part of the ring.

Step 2:

Make the pom poms! Really simple to do and fun as well, there is a great tutorial at Domestifluff. Make as many as you like, I only made two. Hang them over the edge for a cute detail. I’d like to have hung some little jingle bells with them as well, thought it’d be cute but I don’t have any.

Step 3:

Ignore my ugly carpet. After that, cut out some neat shapes from the felt, snow drift type shapes. Layer them onto the bottom of your wreath using (you guessed it) hot glue!

Step 4:

Tree making! Start by cutting one of the paper rolls up the middle, and then width wise, making two rectangles. Shape them into a funnel, securing them with hot glue. Flatten the funnel and cut across with the scissors, don’t worry about the base not being flat, in fact it’s better if it isn’t, as that helps the trees sit flush onto the wreath. Chain a long piece of the green yarn, the length depends on the size of your trees. Starting at the base, glue one end of the yarn down and begin wrapping. To be sure the chain doesn’t slide around, put a dot of glue on each side of the cone beneath the chain. Securing the chain at the tip of the cone may look a little messy but that can easily be hidden by a bit of white felt cut and wrapped around the tip to look like a snow pile.

Step 5:

Glue your trees down onto the bottom of the wreath, clustering them as you see fit. I added little bits of felt to add to the snow drift effect.

Final step:

Hang it up! You’ve got to love ugly apartment doors with permanent stains.

Hopefully you have just as much fun as I did!

One response to “And Katy Gets a Hot Glue Gun..

  1. Oooh that wreath looks amazing! I’ll have to keep an idea like that in mind 😀

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