Porch Cat

Mr. Man

This is Mr. Man. He’s my porch cat. One day I was outside watering my plants and there he was, purring around my feet and looking so pathetic and hungry that I just couldn’t say no. Fortunately, he appears to have already been fixed, so that’s not a concern. Since I’ve been feeding him regularly he’s turned into this big beautiful brute. He comes and goes as he pleases but at least once a day he’s out there on my porch or waiting in the parking lot, looking for a good back scratch and handful of Science Diet.

In Denton there is a huge amount of feral cats running around. This is probably due to kids just getting out on their own, wanting a pet, and then realizing that they’re not up to the responsibility. There is a program here that has a fairly high level of success, not just with helping feral cats, but dogs and birds as well. They’re called the Feral Cat Rescue Group. If you’re in the area and looking to help out, they have volunteer opportunities and accept donations. They’ve also got a few T-Shirt designs, including one by Martha Wahlert, a famous artist and resident of Denton.

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