Early Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Downgrade Attack

Little Monster

Portrait Progress

Today’s weather is fantastic! These are just a few things to see inside my house. My birthday isn’t until the end of the month, but my dear grandma already sent me a card. I love getting things in the mail. Almost as much as I love sending them.

Downgrade is busy being adorable trying to get to any potted plant she can reach. It’s starting to become tricky keeping things out of her way and safe from her inquisitive paws.

Portrait project for watercolor is coming along. I’m almost done stitching each piece, paint is soon to come. Ah, but that’s it for now. Back to work on the embroidery so I’ll have some free time tonight to work on making one of these:

DIY pom-pom wreath

And while you’re checking out this great tutorial you should look around at the rest of Bluebird Vintage’s blog,

I’ve been wasting most of this afternoon’s sunshine checking it out.

One response to “Early Happy Birthday

  1. I love the embroidered portraits! How unique and fun!

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