2 Down.. How many to go??

I feel comfortable posting these because I’m almost positive the two recipients won’t see them here..

prairiePrairie is the name of one of my friend’s bands, I must admit, I’ve never actually listened to them (shh..), but this image seemed appropriate for the name alone. Plus I was looking for an excuse to stitch some deer..

brothersThis piece is for a friend who is a great Muppets fan. Anyone familiar with the Muppets Great Caper would know that Fozzie Bear and Gonzo discover that they’re actually brothers. Travis I’m sure will appreciate being added to that goofy brotherhood.

Sorry the pictures aren’t the best. My camera is very particular about when it will cooperate and these were the best two shots out of over 50.. per piece..

I’ve got two more people to embroider for, the rest of the christmas present will be crocheted.. I think you’ll all agree that it’s so much more satisfying giving something that you made with your own two hands..


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