Estate Sales

I love estate sales because I love old toys, handmade doilies, and wind up clocks. But does anyone else feel a little sad while they’re rummaging through someone elses once-beloved crafting supplies? Maybe it’s just me. I do know though, that whenever the day comes for there to be an estate sale of my goods, some lucky shopper is going to go home with arm loads of happy purchases. Just sayin’….

Christmas projects keep being added to the list, its crazy how fast these things accumulate. Some girls at work today saw me working on my Wool-Eater afghan and requested scarves and hats (even after I told them it wouldn’t be free!). I guess I’m just excited about finally entering the world of selling my creations. (yay!)

Speaking of selling things, Sara over at My Fabric Obsession will be opening a shop of her own, the Flannel Queen Online Shop! In honor of this she is giving away a prize to three lucky winners. One will recieve a flannel fat-quarter 6 pack, another will recieve a flannel fat-quarter 3 pack and a Sweet & Shabby rag quilt pattern. The third lucky winner will be getting three yards of fabric of their choice from the Flannel Queen.

To enter, go to:

and leave a comment. While you’re there be sure to check out her etsy and ebay stores. She’s got some great stuff!


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