It’s Cold!

It is now 50 some-odd degrees in Denton and much much too cold! I may be a total wimp for admitting this but my fingernails are purple and I’ve got three pairs of socks on. I just wasn’t made for this kind of weather… 110 degrees, no problem, below 70, I’m a human popsicle. ugh.

Of course, this means less time outside (except when monitoring my beloved, and admittedly scragley, vegetable garden). I had very much so given up on it mid-summer, when heavy watering twice a day still did not prevent my plants from becoming wilted heaps. Oh, miracle of miracles, half the garden survived. It is a washed out shell of what it was in the spring, but, it is beginning to push for new vegetables. My tomatillos who I had left for dead have the most flowers of all. The jalapenos are pushing out new growth as well! Sadly, the tomatoes have been attacked by caterpillars and will most likely not make it another week.

My radishes have sprouted and the garlic is just starting to poke through! I’m much better at container gardening I’ve decided.

Also, two projects I’m working on. One is a great thick afghan using the Wool-Eater technique created by Ms. Sarah London (link button… still hates me…)

The other is a big embroidered pillow adapted from a picture from a children’s book. I believe the book is called The White Hat, but I cannot find the original source, so, if anyone recognizes this, please, let me know!

I’m also working on a “Where the Wild Things Are” halloween costume for a friend, another wallet for another friend, and a whole slew of Christmas presents I started al at once and are now sitting forlornly in a basket in the corner of my room. Downgrade (my cat) looks down at them with disdain, or more likely she just wants to get in their and see what she can destroy.

Oh well, it’s time to treck off to Watercolor Studio and then Childhood Development. College, great stuff..

3 responses to “It’s Cold!

  1. You are so lucky! I am the exact opposite and happen to leave in CA where it is so hot and humid right now. Enjoy the cold for me ok? Also, my garden died months ago so good for you!

  2. I Love that circus you’re working on!

    • grasshoppersense

      Thanks! I’ve just started on the roller coaster, it looks like it will be a long time before it is pillow-ready

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