Good morning!

lemon tree big begonia

found plant shelf

It feels like spring around here, the rain has stopped and the weather is cool. All my plants are beautifully green and pushing out new growth! It also means the beginning of the need for a complete cleaning of my apartment. Because really, who doesn’t feel the urge to scrub their oven when the sun starts to shine?

But, if manic cleaning indoors isn’t your thing and you just want to dress up and go out to enjoy the weather, why not go out with one of these lovelies around your neck?


Over at Little Snoring you have a chance to win one  of these necklaces, and get a look at some of her other creations at her shop (  So get going! Get cleaning! Get outside!

ps. It’s supposed to drop here from this lovely 80 degrees to a freezing 50 by tomorrow night, so really, enjoy it while it lasts

One response to “Good morning!

  1. Thanks for visiting in my and entering the giveaway. Hope you will visit again soon.

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