jacquered scarf

evan's scarf bundled

Had I known that it would take an hour per row, I’m not sure I would have started this project. But the finished product is lovely and soft and will be given as a (very) early Christmas present. The process really isn’t too hard, especially once you get the hang of it. The main problem I had was keeping straight which thread I was using.

You start out with the color you want the pattern to start out with, and chain however long you wish you piece to be.j-chain stitch

Turn and chain the first section, using a slip stitch, join in second color. Now here’s the fun part.

j-second color single stitch

j-first color single stitch

Keeping the first color in your hand and stitching with the second color, single stitch under the first, so that the first color is completely hidden by the second. Just keep going in this way until you decide to switch colors.

j-second color single stitch

With the new color, the process is the same, pull the single stitch around the last color so that it is hidden, and then stitch away!



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